Thank you to our Local Sponsor, Chevyland on Youree Drive.

Enjoy a Turkey Dinner While Supporting Children's Charities

Look into our turkey fundraiser in Shreveport, LA

When you smell the aroma of a hot, seasoned turkey, you know it's only a matter of time until you need to eat one. Now that we've got your stomach rumbling, you should consider buying a turkey from Turkey Fry Guys. We sponsor turkey sales in the Shreveport, LA area to support local nonprofit children's charities.

Namely, we give all of our proceeds to Gingerbread House Children's Advocacy Center. We have 500 turkeys to sell to help children in need, and we're looking forward to contributing even more funding to this local organization. Call 318- 408- 2098 now to place your turkey order.

Our Mission

Learn more about Gingerbread House and why we support them.

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Purchase a turkey or arrange a turkey delivery for someone special.

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Feel your stomach rumble after looking at photos of our delicious turkeys.

How does it work?

Not only is it easy to support local children's charities with Turkey Fry Guys, but it's also delicious. All you need to do is...

  • Reach out to place your order and arrange for delivery
  • Wait while we load up one of our 10- to 12-pound seasoned turkeys
  • Enjoy your delicious turkey dinner knowing the proceeds went to children in need

Not a big turkey fan? Set up delivery for a friend, family member or organization instead. Reach out to our team today to order your turkey.

Thank you to Chevyland!

Turkey Fry Guys couldn't put on our turkey sales to support local child advocacy organizations without help. We want to say a big thank you to our sponsor, Chevyland on Youree Drive!